Cubiculum offers a new innovative modular housing concept creating sustainable room for thought. The foundation of the company is based on three factors: A. When moving to a new country or place, feeling connected and belonging to a community is essential. B. Europe has a shortage of attractive, sustainable housing for tenants wanting to make a conscious choice. C. Sweden, like most European countries have a need to attract international talent and hence have a demand for affordable and sustainable living experiences. READ MORE


Karolina Bruhn
Hans Linton
Fredrik Bruhn


The founders Karolina Bruhn, Hans Linton and Fredrik Bruhn represent all three factors in their experience. Hans, Chief of Living Experience, has a unique experience in creating a community feel when it comes to housing and expertise in construction. Karolina, CEO of Cubiculum, represents the know-how in sustainability and has insights into what expats and international researchers expect from a new home. Finally, Fredrik, as a tech entrepreneur and professor emeritus, understands the need for new talent in tech and also the university perspective. READ MORE


”A cubiculum (plural cubicula) was a private room in a domus, an ancient Roman house. It usually led directly from the atrium, but in later periods it was sometimes adjacent to the peristyle. The private nature of the cubiculum made it a place for contemplation and observance. Our Cubiculum Housing Concept gives talents a place to call home and a sustainable Room for Thoughts.”For international tenants, Cubiculum offers attractive, sustainable housing that encourages community building at a campus in its own right.

For universities and property developers, Cubiculum provides an easily deployable, sustainable housing solution, with a short time from contract to the first tenants moving in.


The Cubiculum story is, in essence, the story about inspiration from learning and living in ancient Rome, applied to possibilities and challenges in modern university towns, such as the vibrant and well known city of Uppsala. Life as a student at Uppsala University or at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, with excellent quality of teaching and research opportunities, are apparent drivers, attracting students from all over the world. Cubiculum addresses the need for more attractive housing in the Nordics; and we can see the same challenges in many university cities all over Europe. There is a need for new affordable solutions which inspires to learning and knowledge sharing for a better quality of life. READ MORE


Cubiculum is a concept aimed at creating a compact and communal living space for researchers, research students, and graduate students primarily in Sweden and the Nordic countries. The goal is to provide a sense of belonging through small apartments and shared areas for recreation, studying, and shared activities. It offers a service-oriented lifestyle rather than just rental apartments, with amenities such as shared resources and a focus on fostering dialogue and connections among residents. The target audience includes academics seeking sustainable and short to mid-term accommodation in knowledge-intensive areas, with housing modules designed for shared use and easy transitions between tenants. READ MORE