The Cubiculum concept enables a compact and communal living space for researchers, research students, and graduate students primarily in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

We provide a living experience with a sense of belonging through small apartments and shared areas for recreation, studying, and shared activities. It offers a service-oriented lifestyle rather than just rental apartments, with amenities such as shared resources and a focus on fostering dialogue and connections among residents. Our target audience includes academics seeking sustainable and short to mid-term accommodation in knowledge-intensive areas, with housing modules designed for shared use and easy transitions between tenants.

The Cubiculum Campus

Welcome to our vibrant Cubiculum Campus concept, where community living takes center stage!

Picture a bustling central atrium, buzzing with life and surrounded by individual living spaces called Cubiculas. Each Cubiculum is like a cozy sanctuary, carefully crafted from a combination of tailored for living 20-foot form factor containers. The tenants will find various configurations available, ranging from 2 “Cubiculum-Units” (CU) to 3 CU, ensuring a comfortable and personalized living experience.


The Campus configuration illustrated below has a total of 32 Cubiculas, of which 24 are 2 CU configurations and 8 are 3 CU configurations.

The Cubiculum bustling atrium in 360.

The Cubiculum elevated level in 360.

A “3 CU” living experience in 360.

Manufacturing at scale in Europe – Partnering with experts and tailoring for our needs!


We are partnered with CONTAINEX.



CONTAINEX, headquartered in Austria, is a leading European company specializing in the production and sale of container and mobile space systems. Their product range includes portable cabins, sanitary containers, storage containers, and shipping containers, which can be customized to various configurations to meet individual needs in sectors like construction, trade, and public services.


“As one of the major providers of mobile space solutions on the European market, we naturally contribute a lot of responsibility to produce your product as qualitatively, efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.”


G√ľnter Ringhofer
Managing Director CONTAINEX Container-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Member of the Holding Management Board WALTER GROUP